Victor Papanek in his book ‘design for the real world’ (1972), began with the words: “All men are designers. All we do, almost all the time, is design, for design is basic to all human activity. The planning and patterning of any act towards desired, foreseeable end constitutes the design process. Any attempt to separate design to make it a thing by itself, works counter to the fact that design is the primary underlying matrix of life”.
This vital thought forms the basis of all design engagements at Miti Design Lab. The different dimensions are part of a whole; facilitating, influencing and informing each other.


The Inner Space, The outer space
The Space is categorised as inner (individual inner environment) and outer (physical outer environment); and the awareness of both is an essential ingredient at Miti Design Lab. The outer space manifests itself through bold aesthetics rooted in individuality and freedom; with an intention to inspire and reflect the inner space.

Individual Vs. Institute
The Space is dedicated to the Individual. The ongoing journey at Miti Design Lab is of maintaining an individualistic model verses an institutional or corporate structure. Often institutions take over the individuals and individual growth is marginalized. At Miti Design Lab personal growth is a value that is nurtured and therefore the individualistic model is reinforced.

A Relationship & Not Ownership
The work culture at Miti Design Lab is about relationship and not ownership. This applies to the space, the team, the clients, projects and ideas.


The team at Miti Design Lab expands and contracts depending on the nature of circumstances. We welcome individuals who have madness to create; who have an eye for detail; who are perfectionists; who engage with form and colour; who are sensitive to arts, to aesthetics, to society and to the environment; and those who put creativity above material gains.

The approach to work is transdisciplinary. Individuals come together from the beginning to jointly communicate, exchange ideas and work together to come up with solutions to problems.


The visual identity of Miti Design Lab is a pattern with 81 units forming a square grid. This forms a symbolic and geometric framework for a design to be built upon. This grid is conceived and visualized as an energy diagram, which manifests at the micro and macro level within all creations.


We Design, We Teach, We Consult, We Custom Create
We engage with individuals, organizations, corporates and institutes; across age, class, caste and income groups.