Intellectual form

MITI DESIGN LAB; is a creative space that exists within and without. The laboratory is a VALUE, which focuses on introspection and awareness, which is based (rooted) within intelligence, supported by the intellect as a process of being.

Small is beautiful

The Physical form of Miti Design lab is influenced by the principle of ‘Small Is Beautiful’.

This phrase was first used by British economist E. F. Schumacher in the 1970’s. Schumacher advocated Smallness because it was compatible with greatness and greenness. This is a core vision at Miti Design Lab. There is no urge to grow Big in the corporate sense; rather there is a constant endeavour towards remaining Small, to maintain spontaneity, creativity and an individualistic approach within all work and thus giving prime importance to individual creative growth.
E.F Schumacher : British Economist, 1911-1977.

Design Is

Design cannot be diagnosed and nailed down into just one definition. Rather Design is experienced, explored and experimented with. Limitless in its being, it is a domain constantly investigated in every medium through which it reveals itself.

DESIGN just IS - and not IS this or that. To define, intellectualize or rather redefine Design; is an experience of moving from the form to the formless; from the micro to the macro and vise a versa; which takes one towards the exploration of holistic design.



To punctuate effectively; is a vital element in the language of Design. The clarity of what needs to be communicated is important. When any process begins – the Design Of Thoughts has to be clear for a well-defined and communicative design to emerge. Aesthetics are only a support.

Process vs Outcome

At Miti Design Lab the process is given more significance than the outcome.
As in the case of all processes, the design process is unique and exclusive, depending on the problem to be solved and the designer at work. The focus on the process rather than the outcome leads itself to a sense of maturing and growth within a designers being, resulting in the process becoming a vital element to build the individual bank of experience, leading to creative enrichment and engagement with the form and thought of design. And ultimately a sincere exploration of a process is intrinsic to an effective outcome.

Theory vs Practice

Theory and Practice go hand in hand at Miti Design Lab.
In this realm of the so-called design practice what often gets missed out are the Pauses; a form of Generative Inactivity – which is the study of the subject. Generative Inactivity & Productive Activity essentially facilitate each other.
The constant, simultaneous, alternative or interspersed engagement in both these aspects; in Productive Activity (practice) and in Generative Inactivity (theory); is an essential ingredient that completes the circuit of creative thought and execution, resulting in the Becoming of a Designer.



Miti Desai | Founder & Creative Head at Miti Design Lab. A Designer, Classical Dancer, Educator & Thinker. Communication through the external medium of graphic design led Miti to an internal expression of body design, rediscovering Classical Indian Dance. Indian Dance has been the key to the artist’s return to her cultural roots, symbols and world-view resulting in an innate understanding of culture, aesthetics and its influence and inspiration in design, education, arts & the environment.

Miti engages in bringing the sense of design into her own body on the one hand, and towards extending it to the environment on the other.


An ongoing study of thoughts, concepts, philosophies that inspire me, support me, direct me in my engagement with life and creation.
Ananda Yoga
“To be in a state of joy, always, is the highest spiritual discipline”. By Swami Shri Harish Madhukar ; introduced to me, by my guide Mandakini Trivedi
Soil, Soul & Society
Care of Soil; Care of Soul; Care of Society; By Satish Kumar
To have or To Be ?
An empirical psychological and social analysis of the two modes of existence; By Erich Fromm